© 2000 Spitfire Records
How about an offering from one of the better U.S. acts to actually survive the catastrophic 90's music scene. These guys didn't seem to sway much from playing what they are really good at, great hard rock music.

The album is a return in direction to the early days and the slightly heavier sound. Opener 'Jumpin'' gets the album started with some groove rockin'. The music starts heavy and stays that way for a while. 'The Dark' is a favorite tune. Wasn't sure about the slight rap element sprinkled in, but the song works very well. Remember back to 'Home street Home from King Kobra's 'Thrill of a lifetime' ?? The rap is used about the same. How about the ballads?? After all, this is the area that these guys got a lot of attention. They're here. 'Don't  fade on me' and 'Loving you is paradise' fill the need. 'Don't fade on me' is more electric guitar based as 'Loving you is paradise' is more acoustic. Both are good tunes. The album is pretty consistent. I did notice that the guitar work on the album seemed to have more grit than in the past. A little meaner sounding, but the core of the band is there in the song structure we are all used to. Also new this time is Bruce Waibel taking over the bass duties.

This album is cool and will not disappoint fans of early Firehouse. The band keep plugging away and creating great albums. They will be welcomed always by a loyal fan base. Definitely give it a listen.
Push-On the Run
   © 2000 Z Records
I wasn't too familiar with Push before finding them through Rocktracks in Germany. This is the Push from Denmark with a singer who reminds me a lot of Mike Tramp, formerly of White Lion. There is even reference to Mike in the album. One thing is for sure, this band holds up very well.

This album really kicks it in high gear with the title track 'On the Run'. Very solid. 'Waitin' in line' is the first tune I heard from I was so impressed with the tune, that I had to have the album. Brilliant melodies and musicianship on this one. 'Too Late' is a good mid-tempo tune. Other favorites include the ballad 'One Reason' with it's awesome melodies, 'Changes' as a mid-tempo track, and 'Miracles' that is a slow-tempo album closer. One thing that is certain is the bands ability to write the rockers as well as the ballads. I have always measured bands in the past with this. If they can write both, they are complete.

The band have recently parted ways with Z Records, but should not have a hard time inking a new deal with the calibre of music they offer. I was blown away that I had not become familiar with these guys sooner. Push are a very solid band with a bright future ahead. If you are unfamiliar, definitely check this album out.