Kamelot - The Black Halo
  © 2005 Steamhammer Records
Torben Enevoldsen - Flying Solo
                © 2005 Lion Music
Reviewed by Dave Palmer

My interest in Kamelot definitely developed about the time that Khan joined the band. Not that they weren't a good band prior, I just had already followed Khan with his previous band Conception. This band had a string of great albums and I was really sorry to see them go. Well, Conceptions loss is Kamelot's gain and here we are today. The latest from the band is definitely my favorite as well. This album showcases Khan at his best. As I listen to albums, and I do listen to alot of them, there are some that are decent, some suck, and some really command your attention. Well, this album really commands your attention. I feel the work on this album rival's some of the best work done by Conception in their too short career. The music has a very veteran feel to it and at this point we have no idea whether this band has even peaked yet. The music is typical in ways of what you expect from Kamelot. There is a symphonic element to it as you would expect, but there is alot of finesse as well. There are some amazing lighter melodic numbers on the album such as 'Moonlight' that really take your breath away. The vocals on that particular track are some of Khan's best to date in my opinion. This style of music can really be overdone, but I don't feel Kamelot has let anything get out of hand. Everything here is very tastefully done. Some of my favorite tracks on this album include the brilliant opener 'March of Mephisto',  'The Haunting (Somewhere in Time), 'This Pain', 'The Black Halo', 'Momento Mori' and 'Serenade'.

This album is rock solid. I have albums that are good, but get stored away and pulled out when I'm in the mood. This is one of those that you have to keep out at all times so it's never too far away to listen to. You are gonna want to spin this disc alot, especially if you are a fan of Conception or Kamelot. Very good stuff that comes highly recommended!

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Reviewed by Dave  Palmer

It's probably no small secret by now that I am a big fan of Torben Enevoldsen. I find the instrumental work he does on the guitar fun to listen to and pretty humble. Enevoldsen in my opinion is a very disciplined guitar player who only shreds when shredding is required. He has some great rhythm work and writes his music as some of the more accessible instrumental music you will hear. If you are a fan who absolutely has to have a vocalist, you can also check out his Section A project. That band is absolutely cool as well. You'll see what I mean with Torben's talents. As far as this album is concerned, it's really good once again. The album opens up very upbeat with the tune '1:49 A.M.'. Good chunky rhythms mixed with a memorable melody. I would point out that that is one of the reasons why I like Enevoldsen so much is the overflowing melody, but he never gets too far away from the attitude as well. Same goes for the next track 'Departure'. Very accessible for instrumental music.  When you get to 'Lobotomized' it gets more of a groove to it which is also fun to listen to. It really flows consistent throughout the album. 'Odd Measures' has a familiar rhythm that had me reminiscing back to my 80's rock days. There are some more laid back tempos on the album as well.  'Finally Home' or 'First Attempt' come to mind. Both songs have a laid back feel, but do pick it up in areas. It's all about the guitar on this album obviously. If you like guitar based music and don't mind there not being a vocalist, this is really good stuff.

It's instrumental, it rocks, and it's consistent. Enevoldsen is a disciplined guitarist that plays with finesse, but can also get down 'n dirty when he feels the urge. The music on this album is once again very good. If you just can't do it without a singer, check out his progressive group Section A as well. You'll get a feel for what he is. Very good instrumental release.

More info: Torben Enevoldsen Official Website ; Lion Music

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