Pretty Maids-Future World
            ©1987 CBS Records
Remembering back, I can think of a few albums that completely throttled me upon the first listen. I always liked to find these types of albums and actually took a lot of risks to do so. 'Future World' was my intro to Pretty Maids and definitely left a lasting impression.

The album is brilliant as most fans will attest. From the awesome intro to 'Future World' and then the change in tempo to a more aggressive style, to the ballads like 'Love Games'. There is something for everyone here. Tracks that stand out for me (the whole album really) would be 'Yellow Rain' , 'We came to Rock', and 'Needles in the dark'. They all have one thing in common, heavy edged but instantly memorable. There really isn't a bad track on this album.

Unfortunately, most of the Pretty Maids catalogue is only available through importers. This band is one of the highest caliber bands anywhere and deserves to be heard on these shores as well.

I highly recommend this release. It is a great intro to the band if you have not heard them yet. I don't think they have released a bad album to date and are on the verge of releasing 'Carpe Diem' this month (October 2000). One other mention. A lot of people get skeptical of imports because of higher prices. This is a big misconception. With the retail prices being charged here in the states, you can find some of these great albums cheaper through importers. Click the link below and browse around. No matter what the price though, this album really is worth it!
Pink Cream 69-Sonic Dynamite
              ©2000 Massacre Records
Pink Cream 69 is one of those bands I have liked for quite a while. I remember hearing the Andi Deris version of the band and completely falling in love with their music. 'Sonic Dynamite' gives us another great chapter in their story.

PC69, like a lot of other bands went through an experimental stage only to find out that they were going back to their roots and to what they do best, making great hard rock music. This album is the second in a row to follow the original formula for success. I will be the first to admit that I really didn't mind their 'experimental phase', but do prefer outings like 'Electrified' and 'Sonic Dynamite' more. 'Sonic' is your classic hard rock album with a pretty heavy twinge. Tunes like 'Seas of Madness' , 'Waiting for the Dawn' , and 'Sonic Dynamite' definitely show this band still has it when it comes to putting punch in the music. 'The Spirit'  has a great moody edge to it as a mid-tempo rocker. 'Spread your Wings' slows things a bit and closes the album in fine fashion. One thing is for sure, these guys write great music.

This is another album that comes recommended. 12 great songs with great sounding production. Not sure why we have not seen this release domestic, but it is worth checking out on the import version. You'll not be disappointed.