Kick Axe-Vices
©2000 Rewind Records
Well, The day is finally here!  I remember hearing 'Vices' back in the day it was originally released and being blown away. This album was different from many from the same time era. Lots of punch and power made it instantly memorable. I wanted this album reissued to the shiny disc, but believed at one time that it would never happen.

The album is very heavy, yet melodic. Criston's vocals are definitely over the top. I like the background sounds that are mixed in to give it an eery feel. The album stands the test of time and still holds up very well in the year 2000. This band could teach the current breed of chart topping bands a thing about attitude. It's all there and big as life!

In these days you get some pretty cheap reissues. How well was 'Vices' done??  Excellent!!! The album was digitally remastered and will kick your teeth in. Lots of clarity and perfect low frequency to make this remaster one of the better ones I have heard. I really can't say enough about it.  I am a stickler for sound quality and was very pleased with what was done to a 16 year old album.  Also included are extensive liner notes giving more detail to those hungry for it.  The artwork was kept true to the original. Very nicely done. Thanks to Dane Spencer and Songhaus Music Group for doing this one right. Other labels need to pay attention to the efforts this label exhibits in their reissues.

I'll put it to you like this....  You must have this album!! There is absolutely no disappointment here. Great quality and great music from one of the most underrated bands to ever grace a stage. This one comes very highly recommended!
Warrior-Ancient Future
           ©1998 Metal Blade
Warrior was one of the greatest, but short lived bands of the 80's era. I remember not knowing who the band was and buying the debut. I was floored.  I saw the band open for Iron Maiden and before I knew it they were disbanded. Never thought I would see anything from the band again. The late 90's roll around and guess who resurfaces ?? It's not the original lineup, but does have returning members.

This album is heavy!  It's definitely Warrior. Tracks like the opener 'Fight or Fall' and 'Pray'  ascert the band as a tight unit that write solid music. 'Ancient Future' and 'Learn to Love' show a more melodic side of the band which was apparent on 'Fighting for the Earth'. What I found amazing was how the band retained the same sound after 15 years. This album could have followed 'Fighting for the Earth' back in the day and been a great follow up, but is definitely a very good followup evn after the long break. 15 years has gone by between releases and the music is as great as ever.

Another worthwhile mention is having Roy Z working on this project with the band. Everything I see Roy involved with like the Bruce Dickinson solo stuff, Halford, etc. comes out like a shiny diamond. The man is a musical genius and always knows how to get the music to the fans the way the fans want to hear it. Definitely an added bonus.

This album is definitely a worthy followup to a brilliant debut. The music is very consistent and very much Warrior. I recommend this release to all. Word has it that a new Warrior album is currently in the works with Rob Rock handling the vocal duties. I'm personally glad to see the Warrior metal machine still rolling!