In Flames-Soundtrack To Your Escape
         © 2004 Nuclear Blast Records America
Reviewed by Dave Palmer

In Flames is really becoming one of Metal's giants. These guys play it very heavy for those who haven't checked them out. I wouldn't consider them hardcore, but they definitely push the limits of metal. A very riff oriented band that define metal for a new generation. I jumped in with this band on their previous full length effort 'Reroute to Remain'. What you find on their latest disc is very similar. Driving rhythms and double bass galore. There is some very good mood element here as well. As the band develop with each release, you feel their progression. These days they are sounding like a band ready to take the world by storm. Well, they have sounded that way for a bit, but this may be the album that puts them there. When I talk about mood element I would refer the listener to tracks such as 'The Quiet Place'. A bit more subdued sonically, but no less heavy in attitude. You get a balance with the bands music in this fashion. Makes it so the track lineup isn't repetitive to the point of boring. I would say that this is my favorite In Flames album so far. I like the consistent feel as the album progresses. It's like hitting a sushi bar. Same core with different flavors. Not that I like sushi, (think it's gross actually), but I have to make a comparison. With the acceptance of heavier music in the mainstream, this band and release will fit quite well. Looking at some of the music on the album, there are some familiar moments such as 'F(r)iend' or 'Dead Alone' that would've fit quite nicely on 'Reroute to remain'. There are other moments such as 'The Quiet Place' that add some cool atmosphere to an already heavy sound and keep the album fresh. I also dig tracks like 'Evil in a Closet' which has a bit of a haunting sound mixed with some great melody. Mixes the listen up a bit. That particular track builds to a scorcher. It wouldn't be the same without some frenzied tracks such as 'In Search For I' or 'Superhero Of The Computer Rage' or maybe even 'My Sweet Shadow'. There seems to be a good mix of tempos on the album. I think the band is developing well and have put together another great album for the fans to bury their ears into.

You really know what to expect when you buy albums from In Flames and once again they don't disappoint. They run with the same basic recipe, but do some altering each time which adds to the evolution of the band. The music once again is very heavy, but also has a fair amount of mood added in which enhances the listen. Very solid listen for those who like it heavier!

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Under-Radio-Bad Heir Ways
             © 2004 Lion Music
Reviewed by Mike King

This not the first time that Under-Radio has been reviewed by Heavy Metal Resource but it is my first exposure to this highly talented progressive rock band.  Their new album "Bad Heir Ways" is packed with stuff that will twist your brain to say the least.  They have impressed me with the way they blend many types of music styles into ten neatly packaged tracks.  To me, they have bridged the gap
between classic hard rock and todays modern rock, hence expanding their fan base which is an important factor if you want to be successful in todays market.  I never was a huge fan of Led Zeppelin but I always admired the way they would go from one mode into a totally unrelated one without even a hint that it was coming.  These guys demonstrate that same ballsy type of song writing.  I'm not saying they sound like Zepplin 'cause the don't but they can go from a gutwrenching heavy guitar riff into a bone chilling violin piece before you even see it coming and it all works out perfectly.  Now that's songwriting.  Track nine holds another great example of what I am talking about. This one sounds very
twenty-first century,  very heavy and grungy then during the solo break it falls into a twelve bar blues thing and you're going-"What the---that was cool".  I don't know,  call me wierd but I like it when the formula is broken.  It makes for good listening.  This album is what bands like Puddle of Mud and Nickleback should be.  It breaks my heart that bands like Under-Radio don't break into greater media cause this is where the true talent lies.  "Bad Heir Ways" is a great album from start to finish,  not like those other bands that can only write one good song to lure us in to listen to the rest of their junk.  Times are changing though,  bands are starting to become songwriters again and I'm pretty sure we'll see these guys at the front of the line.  Their pioneering style of aggressive music is catchy,  unpredictable and very musical.  Lots of grungy guitar work laced with melodic rythyms and a powerhouse bass and drum section.  Robbie Wycoff delivers gutsy 'I mean what I say' vocals that stand out in the crowd which is another awesome feature about this band.  They really don't sound like every other band out there.They offer something totally new.

If you are tired of the same ole' grind then check out Under-Radio.  They have a style that is clearly their own,  bridging the gap between then and now styles and creating styles of their own.  Every track will get your attention and leave you wanting more. You have my word on this one,  you won't be disappointed by picking this one up.

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