Goat Horn-Storming the Gates
        © 2003 Goat Horn Enterprises
El Diablo Ninos-Into the Night
        © 1999 On the Moors Music
So you are looking for some old school sounding power metal from a great Canadian band that also has modern sensibility? Look no further. This band put a good amount of time and effort into their new release and it really shows. Good production and in your face tunes. At times I was reminded of old schoolers like Testament and such. Good grinding rhythms, but with enough substance to make it even more appealing in the overall picture. It's nice to see some of these bands of today that in a way pay homage to the original thrashers. What's even better is when it sounds original enough to call their own which this release does. Looking at the music on the album, it's heavy, maybe a bit like old Hallow's Eve or such but at the same time has a certain catchy feel to it. Tracks like 'Rotten Roll' are instantly memorable due to the chorus lines. These tunes are very rhythm driven which is something I also like. Some of the rhythm work I like includes 'Storming In' which melds into another cruncher 'Fortress Doomed', the quick paced 'The Last Force' and 'Re-Animation' that has a killer 'Children of the Grave' sounding rhythm which works very well and is also my favorite track due to the tempo changes in the rhythms. The music is definitely heavy and very true to those great mid-eighties sounds, but at the same time doesn't necessarily date itself either.

All I can say is kudos to these guys for getting the job done the right way. This album rocks like hell start to finish sounds great and leaves me remembering a lot of bands that I really miss. Gotta love youngblood that is not afraid to take this stroll. If you dug those grinding power metal bands of that era...this will be right up your alley. Nicely done guys...I love it!

For more info:   Goat Horn Official Website
While I am talking about cool bands, thought I would mention El Diablo Ninos. What I like about these guys is the progressions they use in their music. I am not saying that they are progressive however, because they are not. Just good power metal type stuff.  As a matter of fact to make my point, you listen to the opening track 'Isle of Bones'. Good heavy stuff with very Maiden-esque progressions. Each track on this disc has its own personality which adds to the experience. 'Communion' is a bit more straight ahead. The third track 'Egypt Dies' is really cool due to it's haunting sound. Really fits the title and adds a visual element to the song. Very cool guitar work on this one. 'Inferno' has a bit more Maiden sounding guitar here and there, but also has some chunky rhythm work that fits well. The final track 'Shall We Dance' is definitely not dance music. This tune has some excellent rhythm work that sounds a little like something Armored Saint would do. Good hard driving rhythm work. That really is the only problem with this release is its shortness. It weighs in at 5 tracks, but 5 great tracks.

A bit short, but well worth picking up. With the album being released back in 1999, I hope there is more to come. The fact that the band had just sent this to me is a good sign anyway because I would like to hear more when they have it. Definitely keep an eye on these guys!

For more Info:  El Diablo Ninos Official Website