Anthrax-We've Come For You All
           © 2003 Sanctuary Records
© 2003 Spikefarm Records
It's been a while since we heard from Anthrax. These guys have done some great work in the past. So one might wonder how this album stacks up against the back catalogue. Actually, very well. This in my opinion is the bands finest work since 'The Sound of White Noise'. Now I always was a big fan of the Belladonna days of Anthrax, so I'm not saying this is my favorite era of the band. I really have grown to like both almost equally well. It's kind of like the Sammy and David thing in Van Halen. You might prefer one over the other, but as a whole the band has been good from the beginning. Anyway, back to the review, yes, this is some really well done work by the band.  The album wastes no time getting started with the intro 'Contact' and then blazes into 'What doesn't die'. What I felt was interesting about this release was the feel of it. It has appeal for modern metal fans without losing the hardcore fans of the past. It's heavy, sometimes atmospheric, but all great rock 'n roll.The title of the album definitely says it all... 'We've come for you all'. That is what they are gonna do. Other favorites include 'Superhero', 'Refuse to be denied', 'Nobody knows anything', 'Cadillac rock box', 'Taking the music back', and 'Think about an end'. Also on the disc is some multimedia content including some pretty good photos and a couple of videos including a medley of classic Anthrax tracks as well as 'Got the time'. All were shot in Chicago live back in 1998. Also, there are the usual links to websites.

If you haven't checked out these guys in a while, it would be a good time. This album is similar in quality to 'The Sound of White Noise'. The music has a lot of bite, but also has some good atmosphere as well. You can tell these guys are veterans and this album is the proof. Nicely done!
If one were to describe Kalmah, they would most definitely make mention of Children of Bodom. You hate to see a band get tagged as a clone however and there are some differences here and there. The music is aggressive with the same aggressive vocals. What I find interesting is the death metal tag. When someone on American soil thinks of death bands, they are usually a little too over the edge and unintelligible. These Finnish bands are pretty amazing. The music is very metallic and leans to a bit more polished sound. The vocals are the only indicator of the death sound, but even at that, these vocalists are quite a bit more refined than your usual death band. To make a long story short, these Finnish bands are damn good! Looking at Kalmah in general, these guys are very tight. At times you even get a hint of the mighty Stratovarius. As mentioned before, they lean closer to COB. There is a fair amount of precision in the bands attack in tracks such as 'Heroes to us', 'Burbot's Revenge', 'The third, the magical', and 'Doubtful about it all'. There are some extreme moments such as 'Bird of ill omen' and 'Tordah'. The use of keyboards on the album is the icing on the cake in my opinion. The band utilizes them well as an enhancement which really develops each track. This album is very consistent in quality and gives the listener an entertaining listen.

I like this band. I think they stand out on their own and shouldn't be just another COB clone. They have their chops down in the musicianship category. If you have been the type to avoid the death scene, you might be surprised at these guys. As mentioned before, they have a very metallic sound that would appeal to any metal fan. Very good stuff!

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