Lynch Pilson-Wicked Underground
         © 2003 Eagle Rock Entertainment
Ferrigno, Leal, Kuprij-Promised Land
                       © 2003 Lion Music
Lynch Pilson features half of Dokken, but I'm sure that wasn't very hard to figure out. The talents of guitar hero George Lynch and bassist Jeff Pilson combine once again to offer up one of the years most enjoyable listens. As I have followed both musicians through the band Dokken, then the breakups, War and Peace, Lynch Mob and so on, there have been ups and downs. The music biz hasn't necessarily been favorable for their style of music. Judging by this release, Lynch Pilson say screw the industry and really write an album from the heart and showcase what they are best at... writing great melodic hard rock music. Lynch is back in excellent fashion. He really shows off some licks on the release and gets the listener excited once again. Not that this release is a place for him to showoff, but he definitely adds a little of his touch to each track. Looking at Pilson, he does not only a great job with the bass parts, but also pulls off vocals as well and he sounds really good. At times the album reminds me of the second self titled Lynch Mob record and other times a bit like Dokken. At the same time it grasps its own uniqueness to the Lynch Pilson name. One thing is for sure, if you are a fan of these guys, you will definitely like this record. Some of my favorites include the opening stunner 'Breath & a scream', 'When you bleed', 'Vaccine', one of my very favorites 'Ever higher' which is lighter and melodic, the rocking instrumental 'Cromanic', and the closer 'Closer to none'. Drumming on the record is handled by Michael Frowein.

This is a great record. For those who have missed Lynch and that great shredding he's known for, you'll like this one. Not that it's a shred-fest. Lynch is very disciplined and only really goes off where necessary. There is just something about listening to his playing. The combination of these two guys is a good one, but Dokken fans were already aware of this. This record let's these great musicians shine. Great songwriting is evident and that's really what it is all about. Recommended.

There is no lack of talent on 'Promised Land'. The musicianship is top notch which one would expect. Marco Ferrigno, Javier Leal, and Vitali Kuprij have all made their mark in one way or another in the music world. Fans of Artension will remember Kuprij and his amazing talent showcased on the bands albums. Ferrigno and Leal worked together on 1999's 'The Quest'. Both lend guitar talent to this project. Rounding out the release are Philip Bynoe on bass and Jon Doman on drums. If you would like a classification of what this album is musically, it would be neoclassical instrumental. In other words, very atmospheric compositions of a highly technical nature. Naturally, you know that if Kuprij is on the release, you'll get some very good keyboard work, but there is a very good balance. It's not like anyone tries to steal the limelight. The emphasis is on the song as a whole which will propel this release higher than your average instrumental that tends to showcase a persons talent and ends up being a bit of overkill. The music is very good and I feel it has a visual nature to it as well. It's the kind of release that you can sit back, close your eyes and take a journey with. The artwork on the album kind of hits the point I mention as well. Pyramids in a distant land. Very cool. The music is all equally good. I really liked everything I heard on the album so there are no particular favorites. Each track takes on a personality of it's own for a relaxing complete listen.

If you are the fan that likes instrumentals, this one is very good. Consistency throughout the album makes this one a complete experience. An album where the band shine as a group instead of individuals. This is something that distracts other releases. Good use of discipline as well as technique. Very good instrumental release from seasoned musicians.