© 2003 Wounded Bird Records
© 2003 Lion Music
What more can you really say about an album of this caliber. This album is an absolute classic and is widely known among the fans. It was also very anticipated for cd issue. Up until this point the only way you could get this release on the shiny disc was to buy the re-recorded versions the band did more recently titled '20 Years from Home'. There were two parts to these albums, but somehow it wasn't quite the same. Sure, they sounded good, but the essence of 'Offering' and it's music was to hear the original tracks in original form. Finally, Wounded Bird Records got their hands on this release as well as 'Nemesis' and have released good versions with original artwork. The sound recordings are of decent quality and the albums as mentioned are fairly basic with original presentation. It would have been nice to maybe have some liner notes from the band or something along those lines, but is now way essential as the album takes that title. If for some reason you are not familiar with this band, this release is an excellent place to start. The music is top notch with a fair amount of atmosphere. There is an intensity to it which other bands have failed to match. When I say intensity, I don't mean it in a heavy way. The music is just absorbing which provides a different kind of intensity. Some of my favorites include 'Rock 'n Roll Party in the Streets', 'Video Inspiration', 'Steal Another Fantasy', 'Burn The City Down' and 'Silent Soldiers'.

Kudos to Wounded Bird for getting this one out of the vault. The label has done a good job and most should be pleased with this reissue. The long wait is over and this is one of the essential back catalogue titles. Definitely grab this one!
It's been a very long time since we heard from ex-Megadeth shredder Chris Poland. You may remember the 'Metalopolis' recording from around 10 years ago that coincidently was re-released by Lion Music recently. Well, this is definitely not that style and doesn't have much in common with his Megadeth or Damn the Machine days. This release features a more fusion based sound that may not appeal to all, but it really is quite good. Chris really embraces a technical songwriting approach this go around. Not that he hasn't before, it is just very noticeable this time. Joining Poland on this release is David Eagle on Drums and Robertino Pagliari on Bass. There really is a vast wealth of talent between these three that really shows throughout the recordings. I would definitely not classify this album as a showcase of showoffs however. There really is a discipline found and everything really seems to fall in place. The major thing that really displays itself is the atmosphere. Sure, the fusion is evident, but the music is very visual at the same time. This is an album you can sit back with and close the eyes and let your imagination wander. Some of the tracks I dig include 'Peanut Buddah', the smooth 'Love Song', 'Between Us', 'Sister Cheryl', 'Bastille Day', and 'Ohmage'. Chris Poland really asserts himself as a guitarist contender in the market with these recordings. Eagle and Pagliari are definitely over the top as well.

This release is amazing from a technical standpoint. The band really gels well as a unit and the delivery is exceptional. The release is instrumental in nature as you may have guessed at this point and is pretty consistent throughout. I definitely have my favorites on this release, but throughout this album you get a ton of technical. From Pagliari's fretless bass to Eagles precision drumming and you already are aware of Chris Poland. If you dig a fusion based music that really has some interesting twists and turns, give this one your attention.