Sometimes X-Zero to Hero
       c 2002 Chavis Records
Faith No More-This is it-The best of
         © 2003 Warner Strategic Marketing
Listening to this album brings to mind just how good and unique Faith no More was. At the time this band was pushing it's roots, they really were different from the mainstream. In todays market of music you can hear the influence of Faith no More even if credit isn't properly given. Looking at the track listing, this one is pretty good. Some may question the timing of this release due to the previous 'Who cares a lot?-The Greatest Hits' in 1998. There are a lot of track similarities between the two releases, but at the same time there are a few minor differences. This latest set is one disc and utilizes 99% of the disc time-wise. In comparison, there are 19 tracks, only 4 short of the 2 disc set. Of the 19 there are 12 that are common to both sets. The tracks included on this disc are a pretty good representation of what I would personally want from a set. Included on the set is 'The Perfect Crime' from the soundtrack to 'Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey', and having 'Arabian Disco' as well as the 2 UK Maxi-singles 'The Cowboy Song' and 'As The Worm Turns (Live, 1990) make this set a must have.

This release kind of finalizes the band's departure from the scene. It probably isn't a bad idea to have both releases due to there being differences in tracks especially if you are a completist. This release is the cheaper of the two and really has what most fans would say is a complete listing of their favorites.
Sometimes X is a dynamic new act releasing via Chavis Records. The band is indeed relatively new, but it's roots go quite a ways back in the form of Redd Threat, which Tommy Redd was in and met  Monty Conner through.  With this type of history it's no wonder that the band has the sound they do. Early hard rocks mixed with a more modern sound end up delivering the best of both worlds. The band have put together 7 tracks on this disc and all are equal in quality in my opinion. What really makes this album fun is the fact that the tunes are instantly memorable. You will be singing these songs in your head even after listening to it for a short time. Very accessible and catchy. Musically, the band is very good. Not too flashy, but gives you enough bite to satisfy. As a matter of fact, the only thing I really found wrong with this release is that there were only 7 tracks. That is probably a good thing to have wrong. It will have the fans watching this band for more to come down the road.

I really like this band. You can definitely get the classic hard rock feel, but get that added edge of the modern sound to finish it off. With the bands sheer writing ability, they should position as a contender as time goes on. They have me wanting more. Recommended!