How does a band go into their sophmore effort after a blistering and successful debut album. That was my question. After becoming a more recent fan of the band I was really looking forward to the bands new release 'Believe'. Well, the album is now out and I found a bit of maturity in the bands approach. This didn't come without many complaints from fans of the band. After all, the band made the grade with their aggressive vocal style and riff rocking. So what do I mean by 'maturity'?? Well, the band decided to retain some of what worked well on the debut, but expanded on the sound with a more melodic vocal style and a bit more melody than the previous release. I like the direction. The first single 'Prayer' is a gem. The song recalls the trials of Job and is very visual in it's presentation. The album still maintains a sense of aggression. Check out tracks like the slamming 'Liberate' whih has some of my favorite vocal parts, 'Intoxication', or the hard driving 'Bound'.  If there were any doubts of Draiman's vocal abilities, check out the very melodic 'Darkness' which has Cello to envelope it in atmosphere. I really don't see any weakness to the album. It definitely has some moments that give this album it's own personality with tracks like 'Devour' which has Jerry Cantrell sounding guitar work, 'Breathe', the dark sounding 'Remember',  and the title track 'Believe'. What makes these tracks different is the sound and difference from the debut albums tracks. I think all of the music works well and should advance the bands popularity. The album is definitely a grower. I really enjoy it more with each subsequent listen. There is also some enhancement to the disc as well that is worth mentioning. First of all there are a few ways to get this album. Explicit and amended as well as limited. I always avoid amended due to the censorship. I am not a believer in censorship so that one is out for me. I picked up the limited edition package due to its content. The packaging is in book form and also includes a very cool dvd. The dvd content includes the 'Prayer' video which Mtv didn't have the balls to play. No surprise in my book. There is also behind the scenes looks at the making of the video as well as the album and also a preview of the bands 'M.O.L.' dvd release. The dvd clocks in around 25 minutes and is a great extra to have but is limited so don't waste time. The regular explicit edition has the 'Prayer' video in quicktime format as well as a small gallery of photos and some links to Disturbed websites. You can also join the bands mailing list from the cd.

This really is a great sophmore effort from the band. I think Disturbed is the new blood that could turn the scene in America away from the garbage it has been spewing in the las few years. The band brings excitement and energy to the metal scene. The scene seems to me to be currently undecided on a direction. It is always something different that catches the attention of the masses. Disturbed does just that which gives them an advantage in my opinion. My bet is on the limited version so get it quick. As far as the album as a whole, it is awesome. If you are developing opinions early, spend some time with it. It is definitely positioned right now to be in my top ten of 2002.  I highly recommend this band and release!
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Chain Link Faith-Chain Link Faith
             © 2002 Full Well Records
Arizona based Chain Link Faith are really making some noise. I remember seeing these guys at last years Ultrasound showcase and realizing their potential right away. The band write infectious hard rock music that is sure to catch some attention. The band is known for their live show which I can attest to, but will also be gaining more attention with their self titled release. The album has a bit of attitude and snarl to it. 'Don't kick the dog' opens the album and sets both the tone and the tempo for the rest of the album.  The tone would be very catchy. 'Chances'  is vocal driven with some good guitar vibe. The band gets instrumental for the groove rocker 'Droppin' like flies' which shows the band having a little fun with some rock and blues influences. The music really shows consistency with tracks such as 'Realize', 'Fear', 'Voice of Reason', 'Even now' and 'Bear no cross'. The album has consistency as well in tracks like 'Prayer', 'Crazy Window', 'Do ya think?', and 'Think again' which actually adds a bit more atmosphere and melody to the album. I guess you could say the album is pretty consistent in quality overall. The bands style might be close to something from the mid to late 80's. They are a bit hard to compare to other acts due to a bit of uniqueness in their sound and style. The band is melodic, but carries an edge. You may compare them to Aerosmith in some ways and maybe even Ted Nugent in some of the guitar parts, but you would also have to carry some comparison to bands such as the Pearcy led Arcade or others like them. It is tough to nail down though. That is a good thing due to the fact that the band may have influences, but have developed their own sound at the same time.

I definitely had expectations for this band upon seeing them live when it came to a studio release. I feel the band has met those expectations and then some. They are doing things the old fashioned way by really catching attention with the live show and then emphasizing the overall effect with a good studio album. Definitely check these guys out now and keep an eye out for them in the future!