Iron Savior-Condition Red
        © 2002 Noise Records
Fatal Smile-Beyond Reality
      © 2002 GMR Music Group
Iron Savior are back with one minor exception... Kai Hansen. Shortly after the release of 'Dark Assault' and some touring, Hansen announced his departure. The good news is that the band haven't really lost anything in their new album 'Condition Red'. The band is still embracing the speed metal sound that has became trademark with each release. The album also continues the ongoing story of the Iron Savior. The album appears to have slightly embraced the direction in sound of the first two Iron Savior releases. When I say slightly, I mean slightly because the band really has been quite consistent from release to release. Looking at some of the tracks, some of the highlights include the rocking opener 'Titans of our time', the metallic 'Ironbound', the title track 'Condition Red', probably my favorite track 'Mindfeeder', and 'Thunderbird'. The most interesting track would be the cover of Seal's hit 'Crazy'. One thing is for sure. This album is consistent in quality, has alot of great guitar shredding and continues what this band does well.

While this album wouldn't be considered innovative, it is very well done and finds the band releasing another solid album. The band has figured out a recipe that works well and sticks with it on this release. This is a platter of high octane metal that should please any speed metal fan. The continuing story ain't half bad either. Definitely check this out!
A while back I reviewed this band's demo and remember really liking it. 'Beyond Reality' is the bands debut with GMR Music based in Sweden. It is an entirely new album with a couple of the tracks from the demo showing up. Returnng are 'The Saviour' and the title track 'Beyond Reality'. Upon listening to this release I remember why I said that these guys were a band to watch in the future. I really wanted a full length release to see what the band was made of. This full length release establishes the band as a contender. The band keeps the music interesting with minor things that really stick out such as on tracks like the cool groove of 'Bad Kharma' which by the way the band has done a video for. Also, 'Warfear' wastes no time getting down to business and is probably the most aggressive track on the disc. There are enough differences in each track to give each its own personality, but at the same time there is a similarty shown that displays consistency. Other tracks that stand out in my opinion include 'Circle of fire', 'Xcuse me', 'Crush on U', and 'Scene of a crime'.

This is really the full length album I wanted from the band. They sound great and really have their chops down both musically and with the structure of each track. The music is easily accessible, but not to the point of the album becoming boring quick as some do. I find this release fun and one of the better releases I've heard this year.  Highly recommended!

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