Disturbed-The Sickness
             © 2000 Giant Records
Dame Fortune-The Great Cosmic Scheme
                  © 2002 Dame Fortune Publishing
I remember listening to Guns 'n Roses for the first time on their 'Appetite for Destruction' album. My jaw hit the floor. Everyone was talking the band up and I wanted proof. Everything that was said was true. Well, it's been a long time since then and I have heard some pretty good stuff. Hearing something that really gave me that same feeling as I had back in 1987 just happened again. Recommended was Disturbed's debut 'Sickness'. Wow! What a surprise. I kind of pidgeon-holed this band without hearing them. Thought they would turn out to be like alot of the other more modern acts I had heard. These guys to me are very exciting. Vocally, they are powerful. David Draiman really belts it out. As far as the rest of the band, these guys are really good. There are a few tracks with a little bit of programming which enhances the listen. I was surprised at the direction of this band. There are traditional metal elements throughout mixed with a strong modern sound. This band is also good at getting the melody across on tracks like 'The Game'. Draiman sings well in melody as well. If you are looking for hard driving guitar, Dan Donegan really delivers some crunchy rhythms as well as some aggression. 'Conflict' is aggressive and has a cool groove. I cracked up the first time I heard 'Shout2000'. It's a cover of the Tears for Fears classic 'Shout'. The band does it quite well with their own vibe. Other favorites include 'Voices', 'Stupify', 'Down with the sickness', 'Violence Fetish', and 'Meaning of life'. By the way, not to be forgotten in this band is a killer rhythm section. They are a vital part to the overall makeup of this band and typically shine on all tracks. The rhythm section consists of Fuzz on the Bass and Mike Wengren on drums. Nice job guys!

This album was no doubt a big surprise for me. Sure I'm a little late to the ballgame here, especially with the bands sophmore effort coming mid September, but that is the magic of the whole thing. I get another album quickly.  If you are a naysayer without hearing these guys, I would definitely suggest a fair shake. It'll be total addiction. This band is very infectious and will definitely appeal to alot of fans. This album is essential especially for those craving something a bit different. Highly recommended!
One of L.A.'s newest hopes is the hard rock band Dame Fortune. The band describes themselves as good hard rock ala Guns 'n Roses, Led Zeppelin, Motley Crue, etc. with a Gothic edge. This kind of sums it up actually. If you are looking for the bands mentioned above, this band isn't that. They are a bit of a mix of these elements with their own sound thrown in. These elements are heard immediately in 'L.A. Crazy'. This track is very classic rock sounding. 'Red Rover' is a bit more atmospheric and dark which is where a bit of the Gothic edge the band talks about comes in in my opinion. Sounding a bit lighter is 'Outgunned' which has some cool saxophone in it. The song does pick up a bit and is reminiscent of somebody like Aerosmith. 'Another Soul' is interesting in its approach. Kinda heavy and dark with some good vocal arrangements. 'Me and the ghost of Gypsy Rose Lee' is fairly consistent in style with the previous track. Looking to more of a groove vibe is 'Treason'.  Good bass lines and upbeat vocals make this track a fun listen. 'Old School' is exactly what you would expect. Old school rock 'n roll. This track closes out the album familiar and upbeat. Looking at the tracks on this disc, they are pretty consistent all through the album.

I think Dame Fortune is on the right track. People are hungering for good rock 'n roll and the band is aiming towards fulfilling that need. The band has it's influences, but comes across with enough of their own influence to stay unique. You may want to keep your eyes on these guys. We'll probably hear more from them in the future!

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