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It's been quite some time since we've heard from Giant. After 2 great albums around a decade ago the band disappeared from the releasing ranks. Dann Huff however continued to work in production with most notably, Megadeth. Well, times have softened a bit on melodic hard rock here in the States and other areas and what a great time for another release from one of the best melodic AOR bands. This new release is offered via the Frontiers label and could be limited in distribution Stateside. Musically, the album is very consistent with the previous efforts. A guitar based intro titled 'Combustion' opens the album in the same flair as the debut effort and unleashes into the very catchy 'You will be mine'. The quality as the album progresses is consistent as one would expect from the reputation this band has. There are mid-tempo rockers such as 'Over you', 'Love can't help you now', 'The sky is the limit', and 'Oh Yeah' which has one of the best grooves on the album. For lighter music there is 'Don't leave me in love', 'It's not the end of the world', and 'Can't let go'. Also on the album is the Moon Martin penned track 'Bad case of loving you (Doctor, Doctor) which is done very true to the original but sounds fresh.

I really grew a big appreciation for the quality of AOR that this band has brought to the market and was very happy to hear that this album was on the horizon. The music is solid, production is great and the consistency is very typical of this bands back catalogue. Although it might be harder to get for U.S. fans, I feel it is well worth the effort and will make a good addition to any rock fans collection!
Not being very informed on Sideburn, I was plenty curious when contacted just what these guys were about. The name is definitely not a dead giveaway of what you can expect from these guys. Upon listening, the first thing that comes to mind is the bands Sideburn reminds me of. They seem to be a conglomeration of Rhino Bucket, AC/DC and maybe a bit of The Four Horseman. The band definitely has their own identity though with only hints of those bands spattered here and there on the album. The music is definitely blues influenced with great attitude. The band actually isn't new and dates back to the 80's under the name Genocide. After a few albums the band is now releasing under Sideburn and is really making a name playing the style that 'Crocodile' delivers. The music is no BS to the roots of rock 'n roll music. Take a listen to the title track and you'll get the point. Some of my particular favorites on the album include the groove rocker 'Hell on wheels', 'Midnight woman', the very spunky 'Remedy', 'In my car', the catchy 'Rocking chair'. If you don't at least tap your toes to 'Rocking chair' then you may have lost some motor functions. I also dig the closer 'Renegade' for it's all around good vibe.

I was always a big fan of the style of Rock. No nonsense and to the point. Nothing to flashy, but catchy nonetheless. With so many bands out there, bands like Sideburn definitely deserve to be heard, but are sometimes not. I'm telling you to pay attention to these guys, especially if you dig it in the AC/DC/Rhino Bucket vein. It's no wonder why these guys are one of Switzerland's best exports. They get the job done in great Fashion. Nice job guys!

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