Danger Danger-Cockroach
          © 2001 Low Dice Records
Voodoo Smile-All behind you
             © 2001 Brennus Music
It's been a long wait. Originally scheduled to be released in the early 90's, 'Cockroach' was shelved and feared by some to never see the light of day. Well, the album is here straight from the band with a very nice presentation and package. The disc comes in a 2 disc set. The first is with current frontman Paul Laine on vocals and the second with former singer Ted Poley handling the duties. Upon Ted's departure from the band the album was re-recorded with the new singer and still shelved for release another day. The music is typical of what the fans expect from Danger Danger. Melodic hard rock tunes delivered with maybe a bit more edge than previous efforts. A few of the tracks saw the light of day on the 'Four the hard way' release. I believe there to be some significance to the title if you think about it. Anyway, I am a big fan of Paul Laine, but do prefer the Ted Poley version slightly due to it being the original. Both singers add their own unique identity to the sound for an equally enjoyable listen. The only difference in the 2 discs is the bonus track on the Paul Laine version 'Time in a bottle'. There is also a bit of an intro on 'Sick little twisted mind'. The other minor difference is the track listing is a little out of order.

I waited a long time to get my hands on this album and am really glad to have it. The band did a great job with it and having both versions of the disc is definitely an added bonus. Sound quality is great as is the music itself. Now with this chapter from the bands career finally added, we can look forward to many new things. Great job guys!
If you like your music with alot of edge and attitude, Voodoo Smile will definitely appeal to you. The band releases 'All behind you' through the French label Brennus Music. The album contains 13 tracks of straight forward hard rock and roll. There are rockers such as 'Hard Times', 'Far away', 'Forever' which is one of my favorites, 'Voodoo's smile', and 'Far away'. If you like a bit of a groove in your music, try 'Get the fire', or the title track 'All behind you'. Some of the lighter tracks include 'Your number one' or 'How can I say'. For just all out cool check out the cover of Billy Idol's 'Rebel Yell'. The track is kept fairly true to the original, but does have a bit of the Voodoo Smile flair. I really dig the artwork and overall presentation of this album as well. The album is laid out very nicely. Stylistically, Voodoo Smile reminds me a bit of bands like Heaven's Edge or early Lynch Mob. The music definitely has a lot of bite with out being modernly heavy.

Voodoo Smile is a good band releasing a good effort. The band sticks to the typical format of hard rock and roll and doesn't really become to adventurous which is probably not a bad thing. This is one of those albums that sounds great cranked up. This kind of Voodoo will definitely make you smile!