If there is one thing I love, it has to be sleeper albums. You know, the kind that give you a decent first listen and then kick you in the face on subsequent listens. Subway's self tilted album did just this.

Not being too familiar with Subway, I approached Francis after being contacted. I wanted to know more about this band. He sent me a copy of their newest album which is a gem.

The songwriting is very solid. In parts it almost sounds progressive, but in other areas it caters to the classic hard rock sound. Very big melodies and a whole lot of crunch really make this album stand out.

The production sounds very good and will not disappoint. The artwork consists of very good band shots set in a darker environment. Lyrics are included as well.

The only drawback is availability. The album is not available here in the States, but could be later this year. When this album hits U.S. shores, don't forget to get it. You will not regret it!

©1998 Subway
Von Groove-Drivin' off of the edge of the world
                                         ©2000 MTM Music
Von Groove is a band that gets better with each release. I wasn't sure what had happened to the bands direction after the weaker "Rainmaker" effort. The band however, blasted back on the scene with a vengeance.

The newest album from Von Groove is the MTM release of "Drivin' off of the edge of the world". This album is very well written and opens with some serious in your face rocking.

The album seems to show a bit of a heavier side of the band but is still accessible with that melodic element the band has been known for. Fans of this band will definitely not be disappointed by this effort.

The album sounds great and has a pretty cool cover to boot. The album includes the lyrics as well.

This album is not currently available here in the States but can be bought through the importers like Ram Music and Wishing Well found in my links section.

I have chosen this release as my pick of the month for May as well. It is that good. Don't miss this release!