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As I look back in time to the earlier days of my love for Hard Rock and Metal, I would have to include the CJSS stuff without a doubt. I remember buying 'Praise the Loud' just based on the artwork. Music was a bit safer back in those days where you could do that type of thing. The music on that particular album definitely backed up the artwork. Good heavy stuff with some great shredding. As far as albums that have taken way too long for reissue, I would also include that CJSS stuff. I am down to very few left of stuff I had on either cassette or vinyl. Lion Music finally gave us a double up reissue of the two CJSS albums. I had a chance to do a quick interview with David T. Chastain, the man behind the music, and get a little insight into what's been going on in his career and a little on the reissues. Hope you enjoy!

Heavy Metal Resource: Hello David, it's been along time since I heard the name David T. Chastain. What have you been up to?

David T. Chastain: Since 2000 I have released Cds with Chastain, Zanister, an Instrumental as well as Southern Gentlemen. So I have been
quite busy here in the states. Plus I produced a few bands, Firewind, Vainglory and Kinrick. Hammerfall covered one of my songs, 'Ruler of
the Wasteland'. Also, their vocalist, Joacim Cans and I wrote the title track for his solo Cd, 'Beyond The Gates'.  For a complete list of my stuff go to:  Even I dont remember half of them!

H.M.R. : So to summarize, just gives us your current status which appears to be pretty heavy.

D. Chastain: Record label owner, producer, songwriter, and recording artist. I seldom do live shows anymore but occasionally something comes up that strikes my fancy.

H.M.R. : Well, without a doubt that keeps you pretty busy. I wanted to look at something recently that happened. The early 2 CJSS albums were reissued as a 2 on 1 CD. Why was the decision made to do it this way?

D. Chastain: They hadn't really been available before on Cd so we figured since they were both fairly short it would be best just to release them together. It has actually worked out quite well for all concerned.

H.M.R. : Out of curiosity, which of the 2 albums is your personal favorite?

D. Chastain: If I had to take one of those to a deserted island most likely it would be 'Praise the Loud'. While there are many great songs on 'World Gone Mad', there are a couple of those that give me the creeps. Pretty much everything on Praise The Loud' rocks.

H.M.R. : Yeah, I would agree on 'Praise the Loud' myself. As far as the reissue goes I'm guessing there was remaster work done.

D. Chastain: Yes it was remastered and of course new packaging.

H.M.R. : Are we going to see anymore classic Chastain stuff reissued?

D. Chastain: In the states we did a similar package of the 3rd and 4th CHASTAIN Cds. 'The 7th of Never' and 'The Voice of the Cult'. Titled surprisingly enough: 'The 7th and The Voice'. It has actually done quite well here in the US. For more info on it go to:  We also have my first 2 instrumental Cd's, 'Within The Heat' and 'Elegant Seduction' waiting in the wings as a single release. Just need to find the right time.

H.M.R. : What do you think of the current music scene and how do you fit into it?

D. Chastain: As thru all of the metal ages there are great bands and bands I just dont care for. I cant stand the death metal vocal stylings of so many bands today. The music is great and then the garble starts. I just dont understand it? As for me fitting in, I never really tried to fit in so I guess if I fit I fit, if I dont I dont. It doesnt really concern me anyway. I have always been interested more in making music than being popular.

H.M.R. : I think that definitely keeps the music honest that way anyway. As far as the variety of styles that you play, what do you find as your favorite?

D. Chastain: Well it depends on what I am recording! Actually if I could snap my fingers and any band I am part of would be a huge band it would probably be Southern Gentlemen. That is just fun music to play with no pretensions. By far, the simplest music of all my bands so it
would be easy to play live and just have a good time. It is still pretty damn heavy for that type of music. Check it out at:

H.M.R. : With your status as a great guitarist, I was just curious if there are any young and upcoming guitarists that have caught your ear?

D. Chastain: Gus G of Firewind is a really great player. I produced the first couple of their Cd's and I became a fan of his playing and songwriting. Another guy I have worked with who I think is really good is Corbin King of Kinrick/Vainglory. Also there is a guy named Conrad Simon who lives in Canada who just sent me a demo that really smokes!

H.M.R. : We'll definitely have to check those guys out then. I wanted to just get your take on the past 20 years. If you could change anything, what would it be?

D. Chastain: Probably just concentrate on the CHASTAIN band exclusively. It would have made my life a lot easier! However I really have no regrets about anything. It has been a blast for the most part. I have been running Leviathan Records for 20 years and we have always made a profit so I was able to pretty much do whatever the hell I wanted. So I really cant complain about anything.

H.M.R. : That's really great that you for the most part have no regrets. When I interview others, it isn't always that way. As far as the future for David T. Chastain, what can we expect?

D. Chastain: Currently I am working on a new instrumental release that will hit in late '06 or early '07. Kind of like a rock version of my '94 release 'Next Planet Please'.

H.M.R. : Sounds cool. At this point, I will let you add anything that we may have missed that you want out.

D. Chastain: Well...thanks for the fans that have stuck with me through all of these years. I know it is hard to keep track of everything but you can always just go to: to find out what the hell I am up to at the moment. We are still hanging in there!

H.M.R. : Okay great! Thanks for taking the time to chat.

D. Chastain: My pleasure!

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