Conquest-Derrick Brumley
I promised more interviews in 2004, and especially interviews with some great new and up and coming bands. The first of which is St. Louis based metallers Conquest. The band recently released their latest release 'No Boundries' which we reviewed here at the Resource. Good album by a good band makes ya kind of want to talk about it. We did with guitarist and vocalist Derrick Brumley. We asked Derrick a few questions to kind of help people become aware of this very talented metal band.

Heavy Metal Resource: Thanks for taking the time to ask a few questions. To kind of set the timeline, when was the album 'No Boundries' released?

Derrick Brumley: We released it through the Conquest website on June 14th, 2003.

HMR: For those who haven't heard it, the album has a definite power metal sound to it. What would you say are some of the band influences going into the writing process?

DB: Well I don’t know that any of my influences went into my song writing, but I’m sure they do a little bit. However, I would have a hard time pin pointing any particular one. I have never been a cover artist and I’ve always been a song writer, since I’ve played music as a little kid. So, I don’t know if I could answer that question.

HMR: That's sounds fair enough. How has the album been recieved to this point?

DB: Well, as we approach our 2nd – 1000 sales, with no label or media support, we believe that the record is being received rather well.

HMR: I would agree with you. Indie bands tend to be at a disadvantage without someone larger driving the sales, so the numbers you see are very respectable. To help out, where can fans find the album out and what kind of distribution are you looking into?

DB: We are shopping for distribution. For now you can get it at and a few small ‘Mom & Pops’ stores across the country and at at Conquest show near you!

HMR: Speaking of Conquest shows, what is the Conquest market for gigging? Where can fans find a show?

DB: We don’t have any one place, but I would probably venture to say if you live in the Midwest region, there is a Conquest show coming to a town near you. Check the website, for tour dates, at .

HMR: I wanted to get your take on the current music scene and where Conquest fits into it.

DB: Well the scene is what the scene is, but instead of sitting back and evaluating it, we try to play a part in it. I think if I have to be objective towards the metal scene I would venture to say that the mass media is starting to more friendly to the metal underground. This could only help.

HMR: I found the track 'No Mercy 9/11' to be very interesting and very obvious in subject material. Talk a little about this track.

DB: The song was obviously taken from the 9/11. I was in California at that time. I was suppose to get on an airplane that morning. I was inspired to jot down notes on our way home since we had to rent a car to get home. Basically, it’s just my take and my anger, of the day, captured on paper and put into song.

HMR: Other than that track which as I mentioned is obvious subject-wise, where do you draw from when writing your material?

DB: Ironically enough, I don’t particularly go looking for it. When I write a song usually they just come to me. Based upon mood or atmosphere. Since we tend to write on the aggressive side we tend to lean towards the dark and sometimes political lyrical content.

HMR: Just out of curiosity, if given a chance, who would the band as a whole want to open for?

DB: I would have to say Judas Priest.

HMR: Hey, you never know. With the reunion with Halford and all. As we part the interview, do you have any final thoughts you would like to leave with the fans?

DB: Thanks to all of the fans who have supported throughout the years and supported us today. Look for us in a town near you and spread the word. Check out the website at

Pick up a copy of 'No Boundries' now. Just click on the cover!