A chat with Kreator's Mille Petrozza
When one thinks of Heavy Metal and the bands that endorse it as a form in the purest sense, you would without a doubt have to include Germany's longstanding metal masters Kreator. With quite a few albums, a lot of touring, and an enduring passion for the heavier side of the genre, Kreator has defintely paid their dues and have become one of the elite. I had the chance recently to chat with Mille Petrozza about the new album, touring and more. I hope you find this enjoyable as a read and also insightful in what Kreator is all about.

Dave: Hi Mille! I wanted to get started by having you tell us in your opinion what Kreator is stylistcally and a little bit about the band.

Mille: Stylistically we have always tried to experiment with previous records. On the other hand we have always made very aggressive music. On the new record it is a very cool mix of the old style and new style Kreator songs.

Dave: Kreator goes back along way as far as history of the band. What would you say is the key to your longevity??

Mille: We just always tried to be ourselves. We tried to come up with interesting concepts. Whenever we wrote new music we always try to redefine the style with every album that we did. It wasn't always very easy for us, but I think it was the key for us to keep going.

Dave: How has Kreator done here in the States as far as popularity and sales??

Mille: There were some albums that did quite well in the States and then there were some that didn't have the right distribution. I think our best selling album in the States was 'Coma of Souls' so far.

Dave: Looking at the new album, it will be released overseas by SPV. Will it be distributed in the States through SPV or another label.

Mille: Through SPV. It should be available in all of the stores.

                                                                                                                     Violent Revolution available
                                                                                                                                September 24, 2001!

Dave: Kreator was involved in the mid to late 80's Thrash movement that accelerated careers of bands like Testament, Slayer, and many others. Being based in Germany and looking at other markets, do you see the interest coming back for this style in markets where it may have dropped off??

Mille: Well, that depends. It doesn't really make a difference what is trendy at the moment. Punk music has always been underground yet always gets major attention. It depends on the quality of the music. What the band's music is like and the quality of the music and how good the record is.

Dave: That's a good point to make. There were a lot of bands out there that have now gone by the wayside in America, but bands like Slayer and Testament seem to do okay. The quality of their albums seem to be pretty good. 'Violent Revolution' is of the same quality.

Mille: Thanks!

Dave: What in your opinion sets this album apart from the previous Kreator efforts??

Mille: When you listen to the last 2 records, they were a lot more experimental. This album goes back to the more aggressive style including the experience from doing the more melodic records.

Dave: What is the concept behind the cover art of 'Violent Revolution'??

Mille: There will be four different artworks to the cover. The lyrics are linked. There are four different chapters. The first part is that you realize you are unhappy. The second you decide to change your reality and take a different path from what makes you unhappy. The third is the death of your old self. The fourth is the birth and the changed result.

Dave: Something else I'm curious about that I ask many foreign bands is what is the secret behind the success of the European scene. The music scene for metal really seems to stay solid. What do you consider to be the reason??

Mille: It's loyalty to the bands. The communication between the bands and the fans. It's definitely very healthy. It's a long tradition. There is just definitely a more loyal audience there. The mass media really doesn't support the metal other places like it does here. There are a lot of people in the underground that support metal in the States, but over here there is a lot more attention paid to it.

Dave: Let's look at the touring. Have you guys looked at that yet??

Mille: We will be on a European tour first. We hope we can make it to the States, but it depends on the offers we get over there and the interest of the audience. We'll see what happens. We are very positive on a U.S tour. We want to do it. We know we have a strong underground following over there.

Dave: What are your personal favorite tracks on the new album??

Mille: The track 'King in Hell' is a pretty strong song with a lot of melodic parts. The title track is very strong. There are a lot of strong songs on the album.

Dave: Looking at final thoughts, what can we expect from Kreator in the future??

Mille: We want to come to the States to do a tour. Also, check out the new record!

Dave: Thanks Mille! It's been a lot of fun talking with you!

Mille: Thank you!

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