One of the fun things about maintaining a website such as the Heavy Metal Resource is some of the opportunities that arise that may have not otherwise. Interviewing The Reign of Terror's Michael Vescera is without a doubt a high point. I have followed Michael from his Obsession days forward. I wanted to center this interview around The Reign of Terror, but also needed to satisfy my curiosity of things from an era gone by. I hope that many will enjoy this chat as much as I enjoyed doing it. If you haven't heard the new album, check out the review by clicking here.
Dave: When exactly did The Reign of Terror happen??

Michael: Just about 1 1/2 years ago(with myself). Joe actually has done 2 Joe Stumps Reign of Terror
CD's before me(with other singers).

D: Some fans may not be aware of Joe Stump. Where did you meet Joe??

M: I met Joe while I was with Yngwie. Joe came to one of our shows the first time I met him. He then opened up for us a few times and we became friends.

D: How about the rest of the band??

M: I met Jay and Matt from Joe. They're all Berkley guys. They also play in Joe's instrumental thing.

D: Joe really has a way with his playing. It's been quite a while since I really heard someone abuse their guitar like Joe does on 'Hellbound'. You have really played with some good guitarists, but what sets Joe apart??

M: Joe's just a great player/songwriter, and a very cool guy. We have good time when we play together or just hang out.

D: Let's look at the album. What approach did you take to the subject material??

M: It's really just what I was thinking at the time. It's a little dark lyrically, but I think it works well with Joe's writing.

D: Are there any labels for the U.S.?? I have seen the  SPV and Limb Music imports in the states, but will it be released by a domestic label??

M: It's actually on Limb/SPV here in the States. I'm not sure why it only appears as an import, it's a little strange.

D: Where do you stand on the climate of Heavy music in the current day?? Do you feel it is getting better??

M: I think so. It seems to getting better.(I pray("let's all pray")!!!!!!

D: What kind of touring have you been doing on the 'Sacred Ground' tour??

M: We've done some shows here in the States and Canada as well. We may go out again in August. We hope to tour in Europe near the end of the year.

D: Where does The Reign of Terror fit in. Is it a new main project now or are you still doing MVP?? Is there any others in the works??

M: I'm still doing the MVP thing. I'm presently working the next CD. There will be quite a few guest players(including Joe).  I will do the Reign of Terror thing as well.

D: Do you have any of the old Obsession material that may be released that may have not been already?? Maybe B-sides or something live??

M: We are presently working on a live release that will include some early Obsession recordings(never before released). There's also talk of a new Obsession CD.

D: That should really make some fans happy! Do you have any videos that could become part of some compilation in the future on DVD or video??

M: Possibly some Obsession stuff.

D: Any words for the fans old and new on the future of Vescera music??

M: I'll keep making kick ass records for all of my fans and hope to see everyone on tour soon.

D: Thanks a bunch Michael!  We'll talk soon!

M: Thanks!

The Reign of Terror's Michael Vescera