Dvd-Audio Information Center
What is Dvd-audio?

Dvd-audio is a new format in high-resolution audio that embraces multi-channel sound similar to that found on Dvd video discs.

What are the main differences between Dvd-audio and Compact disc?

Dvd-Audio discs are the same size as compact disc yet hold a vast amount of information. Dvd-audio discs currently contain 4.7 GB of data where the compact disc is much more limited which brings a compression factor into play.

Why would I want to adopt Dvd-audio when compact disc meets my needs?

It's all in the sound. You really have to hear it to see the difference, but when you do it's very obvious. Some say the difference between Dvd-audio and Compact disc is as dramatic as stereo was to mono when it was the new thing. It is important to note that while Dvd-audio is multi-channel, it isn't like it is so separated that it is distracting. The music is 'enhanced' through mixing to give you a feel of being there.

Will Dvd-audio players play compact discs?

Yes. The players used in the home or car can play compact discs, dvd-video in most cases as well as dvd-audio. In automobiles you will need a display however to view any visual content that is included with the disc naturally.

So you say that there is visual content on these discs?

Absolutely. The disc in a lot of ways is just like a Dvd-video disc. They have menus, added visual content such as videos, lyrics, etc. Content does differ from disc to disc, but all have the basics in common.

I'll bet these discs are pretty expensive. Are they?

You'll be surprised to know that some vendors such as Dvd Empire actually have prices that compete with some compact discs. I have added a link to each title for purchase and you'll probably be surprised how inexpensive they really are for the quality you get.

How many titles are available?

There are getting to be quite a few. As labels hop onboard such as the Universal Music Group recently, the titles are going to continue to develop. Currently there seems to be titles available in all forms of music. Dvd-audio sounds great no matter which style you like to listen to.

Can I play the titles on my video dvd player?

Yes. Most of the discs have a Dolby Digital sound track as well as the Dvd-audio stream to enable the listener to play these discs right away. There is a bit of difference in the sound however with the Dvd-audio track sounding a bit better in my opinion, but these discs even in the DD stream sound better than Compact disc.

Where can I get more info on Dvd-audio?

You can always stay tuned to the Heavy Metal Resource, but also can take a look at the links section for more websites that can get you the info you need. The Heavy Metal Resource will continue to add info as it comes available. The 5.1 Entertainment Group has some good information as well so definitely check them out!