Best of 2022
Another year has come and gone. Once again, I felt that rock and metal were in a good place. I'm thinking that we probably set our personal best for the number of album reviews in 2022. Looking into the new year and beyond, I once again expect things to remain about the same. There are already some great releases coming this month. As you go through our list, there are a couple of things to point out. First, we covered a lot of albums this year and it was really tough to narrow down to 20. There are plenty of other noteworthy releases. The reviews for 2022 start at page reviews631 and end at reviews660. Be sure to check that great group of releases out. Second point. There are a lot of bands here that in ways could go either metal or more melodic. I just put those in where I felt they fit best. Opinions may vary. Point is, they are all great listens either way.

As mentioned, I don't really see things changing much in 2023. It has been nice to get things back to normal with plenty of concerts and the return of the live experience overall. It would be nice if it wasn't a small fortune to see some of these shows. I do understand at the same time that this is the way the musician makes money so we have to make our own choices which limits the amount of shows for some people. As far as releases, I expect there to be a decent volume of albums coming and the quality will more than likely be on par with the last couple of years. Time will tell. With all of that being said, we appreciate the support we get from both readers and promotion and labels alike. This write up is all about 2022 so...

On to the best of 2022!

1. Queensrÿche-Digital Noise Alliance 
2. Megadeth-The Sick, The Dying ...And The Dead
3. Threshold-Dividing Lines
4. Stryper-The Final Battle
5. Toxik-Dis Morta
6. Shinedown-Planet Zero
7. Anthea-Tales Untold
8. Rising Steel-Beyond The Gates Of Hell
9. Stabbing Westward-Chasing Ghosts
10. Girish & The Chronicles-Hail To The Heroes

1. Poets Of The Fall-Ghostlight
2. Devin Townsend-Lightwork
3. Crashdïet-Automaton
4. Lionville-So Close To Heaven
5. Journey-Freedom
6. Chez Kane-Powerzone
7. Treat-The Endgame
8. Orianthi-Rock Candy
9. Ronnie Atkins-Make It Count
10. Jeff Scott Soto-Complicated